Free June & July 2019 Printable Calendar Templates [PDF, Excel, Word]

A calendar has always been as one of the most companion sources in the context of time management tools. A June & July calendar 2019 is what lets us know about the circle of the time in the context of the days, months and the year and this is why we all have access to the calendar. 

Free June 2019 Calendar Template

We all have calendars in our home so that we can have the complete schedule of the days, holidays, festivals and our important events etc. We can mark up the date of our important meeting in the coming days on the calendar so that the calendar can work for us as the reminder and we don’t miss out on anything. 

Free June 2019 Calendar Template

Well, here in this article we are going to help you by providing you with the templates of the June’s & July’s printable calendar. This template will let you plan for the month of June & July so that you can attain the best level of productivity from this month. 

Free July 2019 Calendar

Free July 2019 Calendar

The printable calendar for June& July is available in the various kinds of printable formats, which is compatible with almost all kinds of devices. You can get it in the several designs as well, to have the unique templates for the calendar.

Overview and Origin of June 2019

June is the sixth month of the year and in the Northern Hemisphere, it is recognised as the full fledge month of the summer, where the temperature is reaching the high levels. This month is comprised of the 30 days and has some significant fall of events in itself. 

In the United States, June is the time when the school’s kids are busy in the last term of their schooling education before having the summer holidays. People tend to enjoy the month at the bank of the beaches to beat the heat of the summer and you can enjoy the decent and the lengthy sunny days in this month.

Free June July Calendar

Free June July Calendar

Well, if we talk about the origin of June then the month has been rooted from the name of Roman Goddess whose name is “Juno”. The Goddess is considered to be the wife of Jupiter and the prime lady of marriage. This is probably the reason why so many marriages take place in June around the world.

Facts about June

  • In the United States, June is the month which the people enjoy the consumption of the delicacies.
  • There are many significant events on the international scale which take place in June.
  • You can enjoy the longest day of the year in June itself.
  • In Finland, June is celebrated as the flag day.
  • Gemini and cancer are the birth signs of June. 

Important Event in June 2019

Here below we are listing some of the major events which take place in the month of June which you should be keeping in your consideration. 

  • World Bicycle Day
  • World’s Milk Day
  • World’s Environment Day
  • World’s Ocean Day
  • Anti Child Labour Day
  • International Day of Yoga
  • UN Public Service Day
  • World’s Blood Donor Day
  • Summer Solstice 
  • Flag Day
  • Father’s Day

June & July 2019 Calendar Template

Here above we have listed the major events which fall in the month of June, and if you are interested in attaining any of these events then our June’s printable calendar is what can help you in making the proper schedule of the month. 

June & July 2019 Calendar Template

You can customize the calendar in your own way so that you can have the schedule of only the relevant events.

Overview and Origin of July 2019 Month

In the Northern Hemisphere, July is the second month of the summer which has the length of the 31 days. This is the prime time of the summer when you can feel the extreme hot of the year and also you will witness the quite long days with the abundance of the sunshine. 

Free June & July 2019 Printable Calendar

This is the time in the United States when the school kids are busy celebrating their school holidays and thus you can plan a family vacation in the month of July. You can also take the visit to the local beaches and have some fun in the swimming pool as well. 

Free June & July 2019 Printable Calendar

If we talk about the origin of the July month then it has its name from the Roman General whose name was Julius Caesar. He is one of the most successful and the renowned general in the history of Rome and this is why his name has been given to this month in his honour.

July is also known by the name of Quintilis which means five as the July used to be the fifth month of the year in the ancient time. 

Other Facts about July 

Here for your knowledge, we are providing you with some other facts of the month of July. 

  • July is the month in which the Independence day for the majority of the countries is recognised.
  • July may be the warmest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the coldest in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • July days are also known with the name of dog days.
  • People who are born in July either have the Cancer or the Leo as their birth signs.

Important Events in July

Here we are listing down the important events which take place in the month of July, and since you are going to make a schedule for them thus you should be knowing them at first. 

  • International Population Day
  • World’s Hepatitis Day
  • International Day of Justice 
  • Doctor’s Day
  • Nelson Mandela Day
  • New York Restaurant Week
  • Taste of Chicago Day
  • A bite of Seattle Day
  • USA Independence Day
  • Santa Fe Opera Day

We have covered all the major events which are falling in the month of July and if you want to make a proper schedule for all these events, then make sure you get the template of the July’s printable calendar from this article.

It will help you to let you enjoy this month with your favourite events in the best possible manner.

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