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October month comes after the September annual calendar. As you know very well that 3- Month calendar October is full of festivals all over the world. This is known as the month of the festive season. The name October is derived by the word Octo which means eight, this name is given due to some reason. In early time calendar was created which consists of ten months, and October appears at the eighth number. Different facts of this month are discussed here.

October 2019 Calendar Template

Download October 2019 Calendar

  • Haloween is a festival celebrated in lots of countries. In this festival, the people make scary masks on their faces and create a scary environment. It is believed that on this day all the spirits of a dead person become free and the move on the earth with a free vibe. This festival is celebrated on a big ground, people different masks and try to make scary faces.
  • In the U.S.A, The October month not only symbolize festivity but some celebrations like Pizza day month, Popcorn day Pork month appears during this month.
  • The famous Bolsheviks party from Russia stars their October revolution during this month, so it is also important in terms of historical events.

Free 2019 November Calendar Template

November 2019 calendar   

November appears at the end of the year and it consists of thirty days in its calendar. This month is celebrated as the winter months in the northern hemisphere. There are lots of events occur during November month which is celebrated all over the world. This post is related to the calendars, here we are going to discuss different calendars and information of those calendars. Some of the interesting facts of November month are written here.

The Thanksgiving day is celebrated during the month of November. This festival is considered as one of the famous festivals in AmericaThis is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November month. During this day people use to meet their friends and relatives and organize a feast for each other. On this occasion the use to thank each other for plenty of crops harvested in particular year and enjoy the fullness of health and wealth.

There are events which are related to awareness of the different type of serious disease also celebrated during this month.No shave day is celebrated during the whole month of November, this gives a message of cancer a brutal disease. The people use to aware of not shaving their beards and mustaches in the duration of the whole month.

Free 2019 December Calendar Blank

Free Download December 2019 Calendar Template

December is the last month of the year and this month experience the coldest day of the year. In the northern hemisphere, this is the month of winter. This month contain lots of events and important dates like Christmas which is considered as the famous festivals of the Christian community. December month is full of joy and excitement. New year about to start it fills people with excitement and happiness. The calendar of December month is represented here with all the holidays and events.

2019 October & November & December Calendar

October & November & December 2019 Calendar

Calendars are an essential part of our life and it gives us information about the date and important events. Here there are lots of calendars are discussed with you will be helpful for you to track the important dates. The pdf download button is also provided with each calendar which will be helpful in downloading the calendars.

October & November & December 2019 Printable Calendar

October & November & December 2019 Printable Calendar

The printable calendars are the most used calendars of this time. These calendars are taken in use for multiple purposes. The printable calendar of 2019 is provided here with download button in it. It will make easy to track the calendar any time from your personal device.

Free October, November & December Calendar 2019

October, November & December 2019 Calendar

The calendars of 2019 are provided here. It is combined calendar of October, November and December month.

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